Amazon Aktie
(WKN: 906866) (NASDAQ:AMZN)

If were simply the largest U.S. online retailer (by a wide margin), it would be a worthy investment based on its volume of sales and its ability to find new ways to get customers to spend more (see: Amazon Prime). But there are many more ways for this behemoth to win. From cloud computing to drones to artificial intelligence, Amazon is placing sizable bets in many cutting-edge industries, any of which could add substantially to the bottom line over time.

$1,861.69 $-3.13 (0.00) Price as of 18-04-2019, 10:30:00pm CEST


Last updated 18-04-2019, 10:30:00pm CEST
Aktueller Kurs $1,861.69
Veränderung $-3.13 (-0.2%)
Schlusskurs $1,864.82
Eröffnung $1,870.82
Geld $1,861.10
Brief $1,861.60
Tagesspanne $1,859.65 - $1,870.82
52-Wochen-Spanne $1,461.19 - $1,876.35
Volumen 977,914
Marktkapitalisierung $916,050,900,000.00

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